So you’re looking for a third party logistics company to take care of your company’s various warehousing, shipping and distribution needs. When it comes to selecting a regional 3PL company that fits your unique business patterns, there are many different elements to keep in mind. While we here at Rover 3PL are fully capable of providing you with very reliable and secure services in the region and nationwide, we understand that your search for a 3PL company that fits your needs might not stop with us. With this being said, we would like to answer this common question: “Who would you at Rover recommend if we decide to do business elsewhere?”

As we encompass an honest and transparent business model for our highly valued clients at Rover 3PL, this question is easy to answer. In this article, we will provide you with a few details on the best third party logistics companies that serve the DC/MD/VA area.Regional 3PL

Reviewing Some of the Best 3PL Companies in the DC/Maryland/Virginia Area

  • Excel Courier: Based in Sterling, Virginia and serving many areas surrounding Washington, D.C., Excel Courier has been operating for more than 25 years. Not only does Excel conduct business in the D.C. area, but it also serves other major areas in the Mid-Atlantic such as Baltimore, Maryland, Richmond, Virginia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Excel Courier provides its clients with an array of different services. As for delivery services, Excel offers a few different types. On-demand services with Excel include deadline, rush, regular, same-day economy and next-day economy. Scheduled services include USPS mail pick-up and/or drop-off, daily route service and bank deposits. Excel’s medical services include emergency and STAT services and pharmaceutical deliveries and transfers. Excel Courier drivers are also all HIPAA and OSHA certified. One special service that Excel has to offer is its ability to contract its drivers out. As for transportation, Excel can manage LTL and freight transportation locally and nationwide. Another feature Excel can provide is warehousing and distribution services.
  • VMW Freight Express: VMW is based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, with facilities located in Virginia (Sterling and Richmond) and Maryland (Baltimore). Operating for more than 26 years, VMW Freight Express offers many different types of services for its clients. These include air freight cartage, hot shot delivery (nonstop from pick-up to drop-off), same-day pick-up or delivery, LTL and FTL (less than truckload and full truck load) and line haul to or from airports in Virginia (Norfolk, Richmond and Dulles), D.C., Maryland (Baltimore), Pennsylvania (Harrisburg and Philadelphia), New Jersey and New York. VMW Freight Express also offers pool distribution for warehousing and delivering merchandise, equipment or retail products to several destinations/stores in specific cities, states or regions.
  • Laser Ship: Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, Laser Ship is a regional parcel carrier that facilitates last mile delivery along the East Coast from Miami to Maine. With more than 1,400 employees, Laser Ship is connected with 4,600 independent couriers and offers a wide range of shipping services. Delivery services that Laser Ship provides include e-commerce, next-day deliveries that are usually completed before 8pm the following day, same-day, routed, fleet outsourcing and pool distribution to various locations. Laser Ship even offers global priority services that include next-flight-out logistics, express freight, on-board courier, air charter and international shipping.
  • Speedy Courier: Founded in 1986, Speedy Courier is based in Vienna, Virginia. Serving the local DC region, Speedy also now serves Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando and Tampa, Florida. Speedy reports that it is growing at a rate of 25% each year, offering a diverse range of services. These include medical (HIPAA and OSHA compliant), legal (for legal documents and time-sensitive reports), air courier services, home deliveries and more. Speedy Courier also features on demand deliveries within a 25-mile radius. These on demand services include hotshot (90 minutes to 2-hour deliveries), rush (3-hour deliveries), regular (4-hour deliveries) and same-day (deliveries by 5 p.m. if called in before 11 a.m.).
  • Washington Express: Washington Express has been providing courier services for the DC/MD/VA area since 1981. Headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland, Washington Express has multiple offices around the metro area. The company specializes in urgent, on-demand package delivery with a claimed 99 percent on-time track record. Washington Express now has 200 full-time couriers and handles more than 2,000 deliveries each day for hundreds of area businesses, including nine of the ten largest law firms in the DMV. Services that Washington Express features include air courier services, Capitol Hill deliveries, same-day freight deliveries with full-sized cargo vans and trucks and more.

Things to Consider

Now that you know of some 3PL companies serving the DC/MD/VA area and which types of services they offer, it’s up to you to make a decision based on your company’s important and unique needs. While making this choice, keep these factors in mind:

  • Reliability of the company
  • Flexibility of the company
  • Experience of the employees/drivers
  • Use of modern technology

While choosing one of these aforementioned 3PL companies, or another, for your logistical needs is obviously a great decision to make, we here at Rover 3PL also offer premier third party logistics services. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, warehousing, courier and pharmaceutical delivery services, expedited ground services and distribution services. All of these are also extremely flexible, as we are fully able to customize them to your individual needs. With a team of service professionals located around the nation, Rover 3PL is here to provide you with all of your logistical needs.